Fine Screen

Fine Screen

Model FS is the answer for most screening applications.   With the simple and rugged designed,   WateRRake makes installation and maintenance easy.   The unit consists of all steel epoxy coated or stainless steels construction, and can be set into a straight channel requiring no knockouts or floor depression.   It is greatly suitable for removing suspended and floating coarse and fine debris such as floating plants, weeds, and plastic from surface water.

No Shear Effects

All type of bar screen and wedged wire have fixed bar and rotating blade or scraper.   The relative movement between the fixed and the moving shear the trashes into smaller pieces.  The concept of Model FS is to lift the trashes up without shearing forces that would cut the trashes. With Model FS, lump fragile solids will not be broken and jammed between the bar spacing.

Self Cleaning Movement

Every fine screening catches solids between their bar, grid, or elements; but they differ in how the solids are rejected from the bar. Simply gravity or spraying are inadequate.   The self-retracting path movement of Model FS provides self-cleaning action other types of screen can not do.   When selecting a fine screen, make sure that you pay most attention in how the screen cleans itself.


High Capacity Low Headloss

The filter element can scoop large and heavy debris with its hooked shaped element.   With the lagging element of the front arm and rear arm, a smaller passage for solids occurred while giving higher surface area for water passage.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
Model FS is made completed at factory.   Installation is just a matter of lift, place and a couple of bolt tightening.   All maintenance can be done at floor level.   There is no immersed bearings or rotating parts.




Width of




Slot Size/Chain Pitch

FS-1 Municipal,Large Pump Station In Channel 500 to 3,000 mm. 0.5 to VARY 5 mm./200 mm.
FS-8 Various Industry In Channel/Pipe Connection 150 to 2000 mm. 0.5 to VARY 3 mm., 5 mm./100 mm.


Fine Screen Mesh Type

The second type of fine screen that we made is of Mesh Type.  They are mostly roller chain attached by series of fine mesh plate.  Several configurations of mesh type screen can be chosen from depending on process and structural design of pumping station.  Mesh type is usually favored to use in large installation where large flow is expected, ie; water intake station.



We made 3 configurations of Mesh type screen;

  • 1 Inlet 1 Outlet
  • 1 Inlet 2 Outlet
  • 2 Inlet 1 Outlet

There will be a little bit different in the way trash in ejected out from each configuration.  We will be glad to assist you in the design of your pumping station.