Biogas Plant

Biogas Plant

As an alternative to Compost Plant, the Biogas plant is suitable for receiving Food and Market wastes that could be used for producing Methane gas for electricity.  Due to the nature of collection of these wastes, especially in Asian cultures like in Thailand,  sand stones as well as plastics are also presented in the wastes in sizable quantities.

We utilize Water Separation Tank to classify three phases of wastes, Floatables such as plastics, Heavy objects such as stone, and Suspensions which mainly are organics.  Our Water Separation Tank consume much less water in the process than any other type of water separation technique provide by others.

Pictures on this page, you may see Organic Pulper which is designed and built to pulp organic and water mixture into very fine particles for best gas production.  The pulper also has the ability to reject additional sand and stone presented after pulping the wastes.

Another unique point of our design is in the way we transport these thick mixtures of pulped wastes, we use Air Diaphragm Pump.  The Air Diaphragm Pump is able to transport high solids pulp mixture without having any moving, wear or tear parts like conventional pumping methods, thus reducing maintenance cost on pumps dramatically.

One last but not least in its importance is the Buffer Tank, Buffer Tank is made for the purpose of settling out very fine particles of sand that would otherwise entering and occupying dead spaces in Digestor Tank.

A3 is able to provide services on Design only, or up to Turnkey contract of the plant.  Or customer may want us to manufacture just a specific unit of equipment.  Our extensive experience and qualified staff would be a great benefit to your project.