Air Diffuser

Air Diffuser

D Air is the elastic rubber membrane diffuser disc.   It is designed to perform under physical and chemical harsh conditions.   The body is made of Polypropylene co-polymer that exhibits great strength under high temperature fluctuations.    The membrane is so designed to have long life especially in hot climate environment.    It is punctured to more than 5000 minuscule holes, in order to create the very fine bubble.    

D Air is easily installed and compatible with most pipe connections available in the market.

Energy Saving 
By replacing your aeration system from mechanical aerators, you could half your electricity cost.   The finer bubble creates high oxygen transfer while gentle enough to promote good sludge floc forming.   The high efficiency also results in shorter retention time in aeration tank, thus treatment capacity in increased.

Complete Parts & Services
We provide complete accessories for a perfect system.   The accessories are: gas injection valves, water drainage, diffuser head connector, pipe support, mobile cleaning system. Engineering services for tank layout and quantity estimation are free of charge

D-Air-Standard 9″ diffuser head




Normal Flow of Air M3/hr/diffuser 4.0 (20 deg.C: 1.013 bar)
Max. Flow of Air M3/hr/diffuser up to 5.5 (20 deg. C: 1.013 bar)
Prak Air Flow M3/hr/diffuser 7.5 (10 min. for cleaning of diffuser)
Aeration Surface Area Per diffuser 380 cm2
Weight Per diffuser 550 grams
Outside Diameter mm. 268
Max air temperature Celsius 90 degree
SOTE %/m – approx. 6-8
Pressure Loss mm aq 200 at flow 4.0 m3/hr
Size of bubbles mm 1-3



Replacement  Membrane

We also manufacture membrane to be replaced with other brand name. If you already using the diffuser head from Nopol, Sanitaire, or Airflex, we do have replacement for you.



DA-2 is our coarse bubble diffuser, they are used mainly for mixing applications.  Each diffuser handles high flow capacity, less headloss.  We can assist customer in designing the system, and calculating headloss of the whole piping system.  Inside the diffuser head, there is orifice of different size that can be used to adjust the headloss of each diffuser, so that when design correctly, flow will be distributed equally in all places in tank.