A3 Baler comes completed with automatic wire wrapping system.  There are two sizes to be chosen from based on the amount of materials to be baled.



Bale Size, mm., Length of bale is adjustable


BL 085 Height 750 Width 850 22 kW
BL 110 Height 750 Width 1110 30 kW


Our baler employs two stage vane pump as standard.  Two stage vane pump has an advantage in providing reaching the required ram pressure faster than any other system.  Therefore, higher throughput capacity can be achieved in our system.

The wrapping system in our baler is of vertical type.  Bale is wrapped with the wire around vertically.  This vertical wrap allows the forklift operation to lift the bale without pressing the wire.  The operation of most functions like, bale length, operating pressure, etc., are all PLC controlled.  We keep stock of parts and consumables for your maintenance at all time.